Immediate Understanding

Reinventing mind maps to rapidly accelerate your studies and scientific exploration.

Put your thoughts into a new perspective.

draw them into a mind map graph

Works Offline

No software and connection needed. Save your graph locally - open it offline anywhere.


Maths Supported

Save your time converting your LaTeX into images. Write math directly into a map.


Socially Engaging

Stand out in online communities with a tool that gives your audience maximum clarity.


Presentation Ready

Reveal your thinking as it develops in your mind. Be sure that your listeners are still with you.

Being lost in the cluttered world of information overload, growing complexity and facts distortion many hope to enhance the vision of artificial intelligence .


What if we could enhance what you see instead?

Eye old

Transforming the language

Letting people see what they couldn't perceive before

Become part of the movement early on

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